Charles Michel Leke

Charter Broker

Charles has developed an intimate understanding of the Mediterranean coastline that few can match. He proudly holds the mantle as the go-to boat rental specialist at Cannes Boats. Charles began his journey with a simple passion for the sea. It wasn’t long before his love for the sea translated into a professional pursuit. In his early years, Charles honed his expertise working in various capacities within Cannes bustling maritime industry. These varied experiences gifted him a 360-degree view of boating needs, making him the perfect candidate for Cannes Boats. Joining Cannes Boats was a natural progression for Charles. As their lead boat rental specialist, he has dedicated himself to providing unparalleled experiences for both residents and visitors. He handpicks and maintains a fleet that caters to a range of needs – from romantic getaways and family outings to corporate events and solo adventures. His vast knowledge of the region ensures that each client receives tailored advice on the best spots to visit, be it secluded beaches, bustling ports, or hidden diving sites. When he’s not assisting clients, Charles can still be found on the water, exploring new routes, or simply enjoying a sunset sail with his family. He often jokes that the sea is his first love, and while he may have navigated many waters, the shores of Monaco will always be home.

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