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Cannes has always been the playground of the elite, but for those who truly wish to experience the grandeur of the Mediterranean, Oliver Stuart stands as the beacon of unparalleled maritime experiences. As a boat rental expert at Cannes Boats, Oliver’s reputation precedes him. Cannes glistening waters are not just a tourist attraction for Oliver; they are pages of a childhood diary filled with tales of adventures, lessons, and memories. Born to a family on the French Riviera, It was his father who first introduced him to the joys of sailing, turning weekends into maritime explorations. Stepping into the realm of Monaco Boats was Oliver’s destiny. As the face of our boat rental services, he brings a personal touch to every interaction. His curated fleet of boats is a testament to his dedication, ensuring there’s an ideal vessel for every need, be it leisurely family trips, romantic sunset cruises, or high-octane sea adventures. With Oliver, clients are not just renting a boat; they are embarking on a journey crafted with care, expertise, and a dash of Monaco’s magic. Oliver’s innate ability to comprehend the desires of his clientele ensures that every recommendation he makes, from must-visit coastal spots to secret anchorages, is on point. He believes that the beauty of Cannes coastline is to be felt, not just seen, making every voyage under his guidance a symphony of sights, sounds, and sensations. Outside of work, the waters of Cannes remain Oliver’s sanctuary. He often retreats to the sea, either rediscovering old routes with a fresh perspective or charting new ones, always with the same childlike enthusiasm from his younger days.

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