Maximize Your Experience at the 2023 Monaco Grand Prix

The Monaco Grand Prix attracts the world’s best tourists and the most devoted auto enthusiasts, making it the pinnacle event of the Riviera season. For the first race of their lives, dads take their kids to Monaco, and later, the kids take their dads to the best race in Monte Carlo. Never before has there been anything quite like attending a Grand Prix for the first time in the principality. Every one of the city’s forty thousand residents lives in constant vibration around the central figure of F1. On a given weekend, the streets of the city are transformed into a massive racetrack for the world’s fastest cars and best drivers. If you want to spend the weekend in Monaco, you’ll need to put in some advance preparation and time management. Please find below our most useful recommendations on the area.

Make sensible plans for your lodging needs and reserve early. It might be a hassle to stay in Monaco during race weekend. Prices in Monte Carlo consistently set records due to the influx of tourists from all over the world. The already exorbitant price of a stay at the Hotel de Paris will skyrocket at least fivefold over a race weekend. It is possible to watch the race from the comfort of your room at this hotel, which also features a number of restaurants where you can enjoy a great view of the track. The Fairmont, situated at the world’s most renowned hairpin, is only one of many hotels in Monaco with a view of the track. Others include the Metropole, Port Palace, Miramar, and, of course, the Miramont.

Watching the race from a yacht is a must if your hotel room doesn’t have a good vantage point. Many boats are offering packages to watch the race on board, providing a rare chance to bask in opulence alongside other true Formula One fans. You could also stay on a yacht, either by the cabin or by renting the whole boat for your party, if that’s within your price range. Before the race, you can relax on the deck of your private yacht as the throng is rushing to get from their hotels to the circuit in the traffic.

Attending the Grand Prix in Monaco and getting wasted is a requirement. We don’t usually think of Formula One as a place of peace and quiet. Partying with the drivers and fans is like throwing a bash with some of the best individuals you’ll ever meet. James Hunt, Nikki Lauda’s archrival, was a well-known member of the jet set and a notorious party animal. As for where to go at sunset, your best bet is Monaco. The gorgeous beach party on the Meridien hotel’s coastlines will be the highlight of your evenings, with lively entertainment and the best crowds. For consistent nightlife in the Principality, you may visit the likes of Twiga and Sass.

The Formula One Monaco Grand Prix is a highlight for the ultra-rich all around the world. Nothing beats experiencing a race for the first time on the crowded streets of Monaco, right alongside the world’s most privileged tourists.


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