Pioneering Wellness in Luxury Boating

Cannes Boats is delighted to announce an innovative partnership with Dr IV, a leader in mobile IV therapy. This collaboration is a significant milestone in the luxury boating industry, bringing a unique wellness dimension to our prestigious yacht charters. Cannes Boats, renowned for its luxurious and sophisticated maritime experiences, is now enhancing its offerings with the health and rejuvenation benefits of Dr IV’s specialized services.

Customized Wellness on the Open Seas

At Cannes Boats, we are committed to providing an extraordinary experience for every guest. In line with this philosophy, we are excited to introduce Dr IV’s tailored IV therapy sessions onboard our yachts. These therapies are customized to meet the individual wellness needs of our clients, ranging from invigorating vitamin infusions to specialized treatments focused on skin health, detoxification, and immune support. Our goal is to deliver a personalized wellness journey that complements the luxury of a Cannes Boats charter.

Seamless Fusion of Luxury and Health

Integrating Dr IV’s Cannes IV therapy into our yacht charters represents our dedication to your well-being, seamlessly blended with the luxury you expect from Cannes Boats. These therapies, administered by professional healthcare staff, ensure that you not only bask in the tranquility of the sea but also in optimal health and vitality.

Redefining Luxury Yachting with Wellness

Imagine cruising along the stunning coastlines, immersed in the elegance of a Cannes Boat, while also indulging in a wellness treatment that revitalizes your spirit and body. This is the innovative experience offered by Cannes Boats and Dr IV. It’s more than a health service; it’s a holistic luxury boating approach, ensuring each journey rejuvenates you in every sense.

A New Benchmark in Maritime Luxury

Our partnership with Dr IV positions Cannes Boats at the vanguard of luxury maritime innovation. We are proud to be among the first to introduce onboard IV therapy in collaboration with a renowned mobile IV therapy provider. This visionary initiative enhances our offerings and sets a new standard in luxury wellness at sea.

Embark on a Journey of Elegance and Well-Being

We invite you to join us on this exceptional voyage where luxury boating meets the forefront of wellness. With Cannes Boats and Dr IV, your yacht charter is transformed into a journey of rejuvenation and unparalleled luxury. Experience the future of luxury yachting with Cannes Boats, where each voyage is as revitalizing as it is opulent. Welcome aboard!


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